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Where do you stand?

As a company, you are confronted with the fact that the market you are moving in is evolving faster and more globally. The purchasing behavior of the customers and the selection criteria of the interested parties are changing. The competition - now Europe-wide and globally present - threatens the existence of your company. Not the greater one swallows the little ones, but the slower one hangs the slow. The question is increasingly how to stand out from the competition and to offer the customer a globally unique value.

All of these considerations inevitably lead to a strategic realignment of your company.


Where do you want to go?

In order to be able to stand out from the competition in a targeted way, you are developing visions and deriving concrete corporate objectives.
Your IT is the supporter of your business processes and without a reorientation of the IT you will not reach the set objectives and visions.
It is therefore essentially a matter of deriving the IT objectives from the corporate objectives and initiating projects with which you can reach your IT objectives in the short or medium term - and thus also reach your company objectives.


Q2factory – Your partner for the evaluation and reorientation of your IT strategy

Q2factory provides you with an in-depth analysis of your existing system landscape, working with you to develop your IT strategy for the coming years as well as a roadmap to achieve your objectives.

Q2factory supports you in the following areas:

  • Develop an IT strategy for your company - derived from the business objectives
  • Consider current trends - such as Industry 4.0, SmartFactory, IoT and Big Data
  • Detailed analysis of their existing system landscape
  • Benchmarking to other companies of comparable size within your industry
  • Derive IT objectives and IT projects

Your contact person

Thomas Popp
Managing Director
+49 (89) 412 09 85-0

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